No Desire by John Mellencamp


No Desire. John Mellencamp, 2017.

Mixed media on canvas. 57″x72″.

American songwriter John Mellencamp (b. 1951) is an accomplished painter and portrait artist who formally trained at the Arts Student League in New York. He is richly influenced by the works of Twentieth-century Modernists and American Neo-expressionists as well as the German Expressionists of the early Twentieth century, including Max Beckmann and Otto Dix. Mellencamp’s oil portraits and mixed media works evoke the raw and sometimes unsettling beauties of the human condition, and often include themes of passion, struggle, and social justice.

Contemporary Portrait Painting, Contemporary Art, Contemporary Figurative Painting, Mutated Bodies, Virtue and Vice, 20th Century Art, Oil Painting, Isolation/Alienation, Typologies, Text, United States, Painting, Human Figure, Spray Paint, Grotesque, Mixed Media